Why Should You Drink Espresso?

Posted by Gabriel Place on

Many of us love the taste of espresso, but often times we wonder if there are actually any benefits to drinking it everyday. Well I'm here to answer that question. 

Now these benefits don't mean you should be overdosing on caffeine everyday, but maybe provide a bit more justification for your third shot of espresso for today. 

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Parts Of An Espresso Machine (Glossary Of Terms You Need To Know)

Posted by Angela Franco on

Portafilter? PID? What the heck does any of that mean? If you've never bought an espresso machine before and are considering getting one, a lot of the terms in the product descriptions probably sound like a foreign language. Than can be frustrating when you're trying to decide which espresso machine is right for you. That's why we've collected the most common terms you'll come across describing various parts of an espresso machine. We hope this glossary clears up any confusion.   Glossary: Different Parts Of An Espresso Machine Boiler Basically, the boiler heats and holds the pressurized water coming from the pump....

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