Why Should You Drink Espresso?

Posted by Gabriel Place on

Many of us love the taste of espresso, but often times we wonder if there are actually any benefits to drinking it everyday. Well I'm here to answer that question. 

Now these benefits don't mean you should be overdosing on caffeine everyday, but maybe provide a bit more justification for your third shot of espresso for today. 


1. Antioxidants 

Coffee is actually the largest source of antibiotics in most coffee drinkers diets. Powerful antioxidants in coffee actually provide a wide range of benefits for our bodies. These benefits include protection against: 

  • Aging 
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease 
  • Type 2 Diabetes 

2. Increased Energy For Activity

While this seems obvious ( almost everyone knows caffeine boosts your energy ) many people waste their caffeine. If you have been trying to exercise more, but just can't seem to find the energy or motivation, espresso is a great solution. A shot of espresso before working out can increase your energy, adrenaline, focus, endurance, and doesn't fill up your stomach too much.  

3. Low Calorie and Hunger Suppressant 

 Espresso is very low calorie, which allows you to enjoy it without feeling guilty. In addition to this, caffeine works as a hunger suppressant, making it easier to limit calorie intake if you are trying to be calorie conscious. However it is important to note that your body has needs so please diet healthily and consciously. 

4. Improved Mood 

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, which can help elevate your mood if you are feeling down. If you are feeling down, and even depressed, espresso can help by eliminating exhaustion, boosting brain activity, and  elevating your mood. 


If it sounds like daily espresso could benefit you, check out this low cost, and high quality espresso machine. Its a great starter machine for brewing your own espresso! 


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