About Us

Barista Central is the first company that I have run. I chose to do this store solely out of my passion for high quality coffee and intend to run it for the millions of people who share my passion. 

I encountered two main problems when shopping for coffee and espresso machines. 

The first being that you can never be sure about quality. I was so frustrated that it seemed every machine promised the same high performance, long lasting effects. I'm sure many people share the same sentiment. That is when I came across Barista Central. When I found this website I was so enamored with the high quality products being sold. I was so sold on the products from Barista Central, that I ended up buying the company!

Since taking over I have learned so much about the different companies and machines that are sold here. The quality and care put into these machines has truly impressed me, and will impress every one who has the pleasure of purchasing one. Here at Barista Central we place an emphasis on only carrying quality brands whose machines haven been used by thousands of passionate coffee drinkers and professional baristas. 

The second problem that I came across when shopping for coffee and espresso machines was the lack in customer care. Often times I would email a store to ask about a certain aspect of the machine, its warranty, or anything else that may have sparked my interest. I was often met with no response. Even if I did receive one, it would be weeks later, and I had already moved on. 

This is the second reason I decided that I wanted to run my own business. The quality of the machines is only half of the story. The other half is feeling like your purchase matters and that you are a valued customer. My goal is that every customer is more than satisfied with the service I provide.

That is why I promise to always have the fastest response times to all messages, emails and questions. If I don't have the answer then I will personally work quickly and with great intent to find all of the answers to your questions and needs. 

When high quality machines meet high value customer service, the results are satisfied customers. That is what we intend to provided each and every customer, a satisfied experience. 

Thank you for visiting and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at our email help.baristacentral@gmail.com.