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This machine is the perfect machine for any home or small office space.  It comes equipped with a milk frothing feature and a tea-infusion feature.  The product makes the capsules easy to load and discard along with being easy to clean.  Along with all the capabilities it has a energy saving feature and it only has 5 buttons which allows for simple controls.


  • Easy loading: Lifting the top lever reveals the slot where you insert your Nespresso capsule.
  • Easy discarding: The front drip tray slides out from the unit. Behind the tray is the container where the spent capsules drop after use. Holds about 14 capsules max.
  • Easy cleaning: The capsule bin and drip tray can be rinsed with warm water in the sink. You can also use a non abrasive sponge.
  • Simple controls: Five simple buttons for different beverage options including small or large coffee, tea, cappuccino, or hot milk. Each button is programmable with easy instructions in the manual.
  • Espresso / coffee: Two of the buttons are for making either espresso or regular coffee.
  • Tea infusion: The small clear container is for infusing tea. Insert a tea bag into the container and press the tea button.
  • Milk frothing: Replace the tea container with the large round container. Pour water into the container and press the milk button.
  • Hot water: You can get regular hot water by pressing any coffee switch without a capsule.
  • Energy saving: Built-in function to turn off the machine after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Slim design: At only 4″ wide, this unit can easily sit on your countertop without taking up valuable space. Also at 10.5″ in height (17.5″ with top lever open), cabinets won’t be an issue.
  • Drip tray: Large capacity. Holds more than an espresso cup.
  • Water tank / reservoir: Large opening for easy refilling. Also removable from the machine if you need to clean it.
  • Cup clearance: Can accommodate any size cup up to 5″ in height. There is a small tray that folds down for small espresso cups up to 3.25″ in height.
  • Water softener: Attaches inside the water tank. Helps prevent limescale buildup in your Caffeum Perfectus slimNESs.


Height (inches)

10.5, approximate

Width (inches)

4, approximate

Depth (inches)

13, approximate

Weight (pounds)


Wattage (watts)


Voltage (volts)


Tank capacity (liters)



Espresso Machine Warning: 

  • ELECTRICAL WARNING: To avoid electrical damage to this espresso machine which is not considered a manufacturer's defect, please acquire and install a single-outlet surge suppressor rated at 1080 joules or higher. the lack of the recommended surge suppressor, the espresso machine can be damaged at the power switch, the electronics, the heating element, the pressurstat or the wiring inside.
  • WATER WARNING: To increase the useful life of and not damage your espresso machine, please use softened water. Softened water is water without calcium and without magnesium, but still has other minerals for espresso extraction. Do not use distilled water, purified water, nor reverse osmosis water as these types of water create oxidation with the metals and cause the same damaging effects as limescale.
  • DESCALING WARNING: We do not recommend descaling unless there is an issue with the espresso machine. The reason is that too much descaling can eat away at the metals and gaskets inside an espresso machine.